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Thread: Random Displacement in new Lobby

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    Default Random Displacement in new Lobby

    Sometimes, when running through the teleporter at the end of the Dragon Antechamber map, you get placed into a sperate Ebonthrax Encounter room from your teammates.

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    Annoying if you fight through the map and then have little hope of killing the Raidboss. It took our now 4 man Party 15 minutes for uncommon drops. Randy just left...

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    This is what happened to me earlier and like i said it took him 1 smash hit to take me down twice before I decided im not taking more deaths. Cincos response was “the final boss shouldn’t be soloable” not my fault im seperated from everyone and then forced to leave due to the fact i can barely last 3 seconds with or without pet.

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    The same thing happened to a member within our runs as well.

    Going through the portal from Map 4: The Dragon Antechamer to the last Map 5: The Legend of Ebonthrax

    If team members do not enter the portal within a close time frame , the members who enter the portal delayed get placed into a different Ebonthrax map and can be stuck all alone solo.

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