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Thread: Give a reason for old and new players to interact - Daily Quests in all zones for exp

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    Default Give a reason for old and new players to interact - Daily Quests in all zones for exp

    Here is a suggestion, with many players trying to find a way to cap, and the grind quite cumbersome, here is a great time to promote interactivity between newbies and veterans.

    Have each zone ( or certain zones) have daily quests, this can be a kill 500 aliens, for 2000 xp. kill 500 goblins for 2000 xp, or kill 500 bandits for 2000xp.
    This will bring some of the 105s back into the old zones.

    here are some other ideas. 110 vanity sets for each zone, craft able from drops and rewards from daily quests.

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    I fully agree with this idea.

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