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Thread: Official Recruitment Thread: Monsterphilia

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    Exclamation Official Recruitment Thread: Monsterphilia

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    Guildmaster: Trolmurk

    Officers: N/A


    A very casual guild and very newbie-friendly. We help players improve via assisting them in their quests or farming. We do elite, fer, and mauso farming often.

    If you are interested, please let me know here or in-game, and I'll send you a guild invitation as soon as possible.


    - Must be active. A week of inactivity results into a kick. If a player is to go on a long vacation, he/she must inform the guild master (Trolmurk).
    - Must be able to understand and formulate English in chat.
    - No level or class limit.

    Rules: [Guild members will be issued two warnings upon infringing the rules. There is no third warning, and the next violation after the second warning results into a kick.]
    - Respect guildmates and other players alike in-game.
    - Do NOT beg/scam in chat. [Results immediately to a kick]
    - English only in chat.
    - No Excessive usage of profanities in chat. We allow our guild members to utter curse words from time to time, but do note that if you do it excessively and or is intended to hurt another person's feelings, you will get warned and kicked if you abuse it.
    - Do NOT cheat. [Results immediately to a kick]
    - No false claims or accusations, this kind of instances will be reviewed by me. If a party is guilty of committing such acts, they will be banished out of the guild.

    Officer-recruitment information:

    I personally handpick my officers based on their personality and ability to lead. Gears/equipment is not crucial in becoming an officer in my guild.

    Friendly-note: Please be patient as we are a new guild in the block. I look forward to seeing you in the game! As always, take care and happy hunting!

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    Good luck with your guild man
    Don't quote me

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