I get 18-20 weaks per elixir. Do sorcerers farm jewels? Why do warriors do it, is their bleed more frequent than our dot?
Here's what I do, tell me what I'm doing wrong (wrong class, wrong map, wrong skills).

I put all skill points in strength, go to Elite Shuyal's second map and gather the mobs of the first area. I don't use a weapon, just Magma and:
Clock (full mastery),
Fireball (full mastery),
Gale (full mastery),
Frost Bolt.
I don't charge Fireball and Gale. The mobs all get permanently frozen and hopefully still bunched together. I circle around them so I don't always hit the same side, or only that side dies. I remap once at ~7 minutes in because the mobs start dying off at 6-7 minutes.

Is it a weird way to farm jewels? It's still cheaper than buying the jewels so I don't mind that much, but everyone else gets 40-60 weaks per elixir. If there's room for improvement that doesn't require shiny gear or leveling a warrior I'll take it.


On a side note, do sorcerers that deal tons of damage rely on a proc, or on stats? I just came back, I hardly remember anything, and I'm completely new to the expansion. On the upside, seeing all the improvements on the UI/user friendliness is great! I'm in awe! The inventory is fantastic!