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    Default Mage ebon armor proc bug?

    The question mark in the title is because Iím not sure if itís intended or is actually a bug. What Iíve found is news to me, so if itís old information, disregard this post. Not been super active on forums lately, sorry.

    The long story short, i found out that the mage ebon armor proc has a cool down built into it. In other words, it will only be able to proc once every 20-30 seconds. Like I said, this may have been intended to not make mages op, but I thought it was worth bringing attention to.

    How I tested: Go into the second map of elite shuyal. Remove all gear except ebon armor. Run to the first area and do a big pull of the mobs. Spam all dot and aoe skills, as well as magma aa. You will notice that the proc goes off almost instantly, but will not go off again for the next 20-30 seconds no matter what you try.

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    but its same about rog/warr procs too

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    Proc cooldown seems to be intended:
    Quote Originally Posted by Futumsh View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ramon78 View Post
    @Futumsh I would like to understand why ebon armor for warriors activates so little? I taunt all my skills, I use pool (Terror Blade) too, in practice I get damage from enemies always, but the armor takes a long time to activate the buff, and when it is active the buff really lasts a short time. Could you tell me something about it, or if this would be a "bug"? Thank you very much for your attention and response right now.
    I don't know what you consider a 'long time', but the proc has a cooldown on it, so that may be what you're seeing.
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    Yes, it has a cooldown, as intended.

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