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Thread: Homie [New Guild]

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    Default Homie [New Guild]

    Hello I'm just here to tell you that I have a guild named "Homie"
    The guild offers a home for all lvls for a fun growing community.
    We are willing to help each other lvl up and grow however, the goals We have announced in motd's are plainly JUST Goals.
    We do not plan to kick anyone who does not meet the goal, we just want everyone to have a goal in the game if they haven't yet, unless the person has been begging, scamming, spamming or harassing.
    The Idea of creating this guild is to make new friends, help each other and grow as a fun family and community.
    The guild has Currently 85 members as I write this post. If you are willing to join to have fun/help the guild grow you are very much welcome to the guild
    The current guild staff are:
    Reapply (Guildmaster)
    Astydameia (Officer)
    Thelavaking (Officer)
    Ubeazacu (Officer)
    Siliqify (Officer)

    Feel free to join us and have fun!

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    Best wishes on the new guild.

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