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Thread: IG packs for real money.

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    Default IG packs for real money.

    What about on making cheap offers worth 4.99$, 2.99$, 19.99$, etc with gold, plat, exclusive limited new vanities (not old), potions, action slots, toon slot or that kind of stuff. Or skins like new costumes.

    Many games have that cheap packs ,ive spent like 300$ on mini purchases in other games (Clash royale, Brawl stars) . Better than buying just platinum. Sometimes u dont know what to do with plat instead of buying elixirs.

    Thats a good way to get money from this game, instead of adding elites and enchant system that made some ppl quit . Ill never quit, I grew up with this game. PL and STS will be always in my heart, thanks for making such an unique game. Best mechanics ever in a mobile phone(camera, auto attack system, skill system, pvp) , trust me, I tryed alot of games.

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    The in game platinum shop has needed a complete overhaul for over 5 years.

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    New Daily Deals please! I've suggested this quite a few times before.

    As you said, games like Clash Royale have packs that give out chests, gold, emotes, and other items that may be exclusive limited time offers. I see no reason why PL can't get a feature like this. The Daily Deals need a complete overhaul.

    The deals don't even need to offer brand new vanities per se - people will still buy the deals/packs even if it's just a recoloured Founder Helm (with no stats), new Starry color, or a different Holoshield.
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