Many people have requested a long time to have 999999999 as max cap (999m) but i feel like sts isn't really comfortable with this i don't know why i feel like when sts reads the post about higher gold cap they are just like: nah no gold cap just leave it like this. But here is an idea but first i want to say that trades are easier faster and safer if the gold cap gets increased now here is the idea:

Allow us to also put gold in the trade from the stash and other characters so we don't need to re-trade everytime (and also allow more gold then 99m) it doesn't have to be 999m ofcourse because i feel like sts isn't comfy with this but atleast allow 300-400m in a trade (or sts will rise it to 999m in the expansion, if thats the case nvm this post then xD)

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