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Thread: Guild Hall -> Guild Hall Deed and More Guild Related.

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    Default Guild Hall -> Guild Hall Deed and More Guild Related.

    If Guildhalls converted to a deed so it will be tradable/can be placed in auction for sale, but u need a certain recipe to craft it into a deed. because there are people like me who cant afford plat or only have 1 or 2 plat offers available (Cos plat eggs are costy and if u open them u would mostly get 5 plat each and u need 50 plat-100 for a guildhall). and also if guildmasters can have an option to disable pets so that if people are in the guildhall it would reduce lag on the screen. also if the guildhall for tavern can have a max capacity of players for 75-100. and just a suggestion though by a friend, allow officers to promote members to combatant or recruiter but unable to demote so that they can be promoted while guildmaster is inactive so that players can invite their friends sooner instead of spamming in the guildchat to invite their friend while everyone is busy, causing that certain person to leave guild.

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    I like the tradable Guildhall idea and the “no pets” option.

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