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Thread: Marshfoot lixirs - problems

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    Default Marshfoot lixirs - problems

    its end of the season time now, and lo and behold. There are no croc speed lixirs, to make marshfoot elixirs for timed runners. This was a silly concept by sts to allow it to be stackable with speed awakens. We have to farm or craft a lix or spend 50-200k depending on the market to buy 1? A lix that last 5mins??? and is so crucial for timed runs? The least you can do is make it last 15/20mins.. or just remove it completely. Where is the fairness if you can't run because there is no elixir available? Or heres a money idea for you.. make it available for plat. Cos I am a plat whale, it no problem for me yo.

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    Why are you impersonating in game Stsgrump? Also the "cause Im a plat whale yo", sounds like salt spilling much?

    Aka Ares/Twerrk/Mystery. :]


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