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Thread: Do you want Guild LB to continue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genius View Post
    @Will: Practice what you preach.

    I am only going to take your opinion into consideration IF you are going to respect mine. If you fail to do so then I will ignore your reply. After that don't create a fuss saying I am not accounting your opinion.

    If you actually read the posts on this thread you will see that I am appreciating both sides of the coin. You and your gang are the one who is doing personal attacks on me in the aid of the topic. Be civilized and only talk about the subject, no need to comment on me or my opinion, just talk about yours. Now, please know your boundary and back off.
    First you say you did not read all posts cause you are busy and you will do later, then you admit to consider only posts that (according to your own opinion) are respectful ones.

    You just teased and attacked few people (for some hidden reasons) you dont like and to make them bump your thread , you just wanted to make ur own opinion as the global one, im sorry if I didnt let you do it.

    Anyway many replied you, it's clear you want attention...not feedback or you would have stopped bother and tease me or any other player 3 or 4 posts ago
    My gang? There are people that disagree with you and I dont even know them or are my friends.

    Its funny how you want adresse all community disagreement to only few people like me, or letal sharks members (why? others guilds talked too..high society.. member of chivalrous..insane asylem..epitome of silentkill), your pressure on those players sounds like you are jealous GM or a player that was never been able to join this guild, maybe that's why you want change the system or that's why you are using a new forum account to express your opinion altough you seem an old player, maybe you can enlight us on your ign

    By the way, even without requirements for lb those kind of people would never be able to join my guild even with 2m pve kills: better nabs but chilled than op and drama makers

    I end it here, its been depressing reply at your level. Good luck!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genius View Post
    But I am sorry, I stopped reading your post here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Genius View Post
    You should read through, it will give you perspective on the subject in hand.

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    Yeah if your not willing to actually read and respond to the posts you seem so desperate for and pick and choose who your replying to..

    Then this is clearly a pointless and basied thread with nothing but hidden agenda and solely purposed to cause drama an friction =\

    There is clearly no discussion going on here

    Please can we get the thread shut to avoid any more toxicity spewing


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