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Thread: i believe its time

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    Default i believe its time

    I've been with the community for a long time, since 2012, I've made great friends and some pretty great enemies as well (the PvP was great). its been a roller coaster, ups and the downs, i cant believe the fun i have had with all the community and the people I've met over the years. met some pretty good people living around me.

    I know many of you feel like you know me from the forum, and many of you are on my friends list, but I used to have regular friends that I would chat with every day and do elite runs with all the time, and pretty much all of them have quit the game.

    I really do miss the old days of playing PL and seasons 1-4 of AL. I'm going to take a few months off from gaming and then I may look for a new game, or come back and see if AL has improved at all. I'm sure you will all see me online once in a while, but I probably won't be very active on the forum.

    I have made many friends on here..sadly many left to other games or were banned but meh whos keeping count right lol. I wont name all the players that I have had the privilege of knowing and doing runs with. This isn't a good bye..but I will fade away in time I thought i'd post here. As for the new games im playing there in the Activision family. If you want to give them a shot, there similar to STS games..but more err realistic maybe? but as for games ive been to busy irl and ive been weening my games down slowly 1 by 1 and have about 3 games from 30+ that i used to play now.

    ReeHop - i know you just found me again but im sorry girly i think im gonna have to bow out for now.
    Sulpherea - you are a great person and i will miss you.
    Buzz - you have a heart of gold and i hope you find what you are looking for.
    Grind - you're an amazing person.
    TopFrog - love ya bud your a great dude, best frog tavern in the game as well
    Bloody - sell me that yeti set sometime
    semiautomagic - you are the sunshine to my darkness
    Qweenzy - keep ruptar strong for me please gonna miss my baby boo
    ruptar - smh
    Sokkaofwater - if you want to keep Koi (knights of ironhand) please pm me and ill transfer leadership

    there are many more people i love and will miss but the entire community is like a family to me and i will truly miss you all

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    Best of luck my dude

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    Good bye

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    Default i believe its time

    Goodbye, hopefully you will return one day.

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    Miss you bro.. Thanks for mentioning me and my frogs.. Come back and check in occasionally

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