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Thread: A chat for PvP Tournament Banners (once per year)?

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    Default A chat for PvP Tournament Banners (once per year)?

    Hey I wanted to start a thread for player vs player banners for potential player vs player tournaments and if there could be any possibilities this can happen along with it being hosted by SpacetimeStudios along with the SpaceTimeStudio's Youtube channel.
    There was a tournament on the channel I've seen years ago and it looked great!
    It'd be awesome to see players repersent their tournament banners and viewers being able to donate to SpaceTimeStudios during the battle and watch anticipating rivalries battle it out

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    100000000000000000000000000000% agree

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    In my opinion i believe that most of the pot money that sts Dev's get is/was from PvP players who try to max out their gears. Before when the cap was 41 they used to give titles and banners to pvpers. Now it's almost like they don't care. If they don't wanna give awards to season PvP players then they should atleast put some effort into this tournament you're organizing every time bro. They can give banners/titles to the winners or something man.I appreciate what you're doing bud(ign- hexame). But it's not your responsibility to keep a dead game alive. It's the developers job and all i can see is that they've been doing a lousy job. I mean if they don't want anything to do with PvP then they should just remove it from the game no point in keeping it there. But I'm pretty sure that they can't do it cuz if they do that then they will lose a huge number of people who use money to buy plats in game.
    Keep up the good work bro and you're doing a great job and many of the PvP players gonna support you.

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