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    Default Ultimate

    Hi guys,
    Which ultimate is better for rogue? Ive had a couple of people suggest movement speed but i am not sure which one to get still..
    Any advice,

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    In my opinion, none is good for rogue. It's better to spend those 10 points elsewhere.
    But you can respec and see for yourself if you like any one of them.
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    ultimate aimed shot:
    -helping to kill sorcerers in maus before they debuffed anyone, mages before they cursed, rogues before they used aimed shot... yes its long time to charge ultimate, but sometimes it saves somebody or making run faster (current "pve" warriors in AL dont want cover rogues because too stupid, they want overdamage rogues instead of doing their work; current mages just crying babies who already overbuffed but dont know advantages of their class and cant control mobs as intended, so, this ultimate is good, 4rogues party with 2-3 aimed ultimates and gogogo haha)
    -deals great dmg to bosses if got proc of arcane armor 71
    -just 1hitting some bosses in old elite maps

    refuel (speed):
    -will be best if you dont have haste set
    -good for esg, especially if you got party, and if you prefer to kill mobs which close to start

    medicinal herb:
    -devs decided that every class must have some useless skills and ultimate so its one of them
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