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    Default #BuffBird @Cinco

    Mages haven't had a nerf since 2013, foxes was given 2 overpowered buffs that they didn't even need, bears lost all their dodge from nerf and got a lousy buff towards their iron blood, and rhinos has received 3 nerfs into 1 skill in a span of 6 years. Where does that leave birds? In a even worse predicament than rhinos thanks to pretty much every update ruining them in some way. Let's give some examples.

    Damage: Birds do not own a single Damage buff because of the class being a Crit character. Yet when you take a look at Focus it says in bold Critical Chance instead of the needed Critical Damage. Giving birds critical chance is like giving mages slashes, it's not friggin practical!! Why Crit Chance if they don't deal damage in the first place to even get a crit worth while? If any class deserved the 25% Damage buff it would of been birds not the already broken skilless fox class that held 22, 31, and 56 hostage for years prior to the buff.

    Outdated Skillls: Let's talk about these absurd numbers. 6 Focus gives 26 Base Hit and 26 Base Critical Chance. Compare that to Mages who are given 25 Critical Chance, 1 less than birds. Bears who give 20 Crit Chance, 6 less than birds. Foxes give 24 Critical Chance, 2 less than birds. And last but not least rhinos who give 7, 19 Crit Difference the only balanced number. Why does a crit base class barely have a few numbers over other classes like tanks or mages? Why is it that Birds Focus gives 26 Hit at L.6 but foxes give 60 at the same number?

    Let's now talk about the pathetic skill known as L.6 Blind. How did this skill go from op in twink to absolutely useless to have? I've talked to so many bird players who easily agree with me that Blind is either bugged, which is why it doesn't work, or Hit% numbers aren't correctly listed. I've blinded players with just 85 hit alone and i was still killed in a flurry of attacks right after. This skill is useless as it stands and needs to be the first thing buffed or looked at if there was to be a bird buff.

    Break/Shatter is a joke. I don't even need to make a input about why it's a joke skill but my question is why the random numbers? 26 at L.6 is random and I'm starting to see a pattern here. Let's compare L.6 Focus to L.6 Shred from foxes. Shred at L.6 is -60 Armor!?! Some would say it's because foxes are a melee class but when you have 2 dashes the argument of range becomes irrelevant. Yeah you could say with both break and shatter it would be -50 armor but the chances of both landing before you die is well past 60% at this point.

    Meditation is the most useless skill in the game. Even L.1 Rhino Might that has a 10% Chance of landing is even somehow more useful in both PvE and PvP than having Meditation at L.10. This skill needs to be replaced with something else.

    My Solution would be a entire class rework starting at the source of their problems. Birds should be given the same damage buff foxes received or a individual skill damage buff that would allow them to deal a good amount of damage instead of getting clobbered by every other class, keep in mind birds don't have a damage buff to increase their skill dmg tenfold so the thought of birds having the most skill dmg of every class holds logic. I would then start on fixing the skills of the class such as making L.6 Focus give 40/40 for start or at least 30/30 with Crit Chance being swapped for Critical Damage. I would definitely see what's wrong with blind, again i don't know if it's bugged or hit% is no fixed in stats which would explain the problem. Next up is reworking both shatter and break. All the armor reduction should be removed from Shatter and added towards break, having them separate has always done more harm than good in my opinion and in the current meta it shows greatly. No comment on meditation as me, dolloway, and Cam already made over 500 posts on it alone so I'll just link it in this thread.

    This is just my solution so if anyone wants to comment and add to it be my guest. #Cinco

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