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Thread: 2019 Halloween Event discussion

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    Default 2019 Halloween Event discussion

    Hello folks!

    I made this thread in a purpose of getting a bit more of opinions about the Halloween Event in general as we are coming to its end soon. Maybe it will be instructive for everyone.

    A) First of all, im curious how busy other players have been grinding this event. You should post your current progress, as i do below:

    B) In the other hand, id like to hear other players point of view. What was your main goal during this event?

    Personally, i went for making gold. I popped my first 100 boogie bags, and decided to sell the others, because that seems pure profit instead gambling for an artifact. As i gained more and more tokens, i bought the locked recipes and lesser chests to craft and sell them, again. In this way, id say im satisfied with my decision. I forgot to count how many tokens i spent at all, sadly, but it can be inferred if you take a look at my total points. Not to mention that i ran this event with a 300% gl set, so that also increased the gold amount in my pocket. The maps gold drop rate was pretty good in my honest opinion.

    C) And last but not least, what did you enjoyed the most and what did you disliked in this event?

    In the 99% of the cases i ran with randoms, and i have to tell you, i really enjoyed it, because i had to use different tactics based on the current players along with me (for example switching pets). And of course, i liked the numerable gold result in the end.

    One thing i dont liked was the endless run for energy essences, but it is just the part of this progress, as always have been. I split my gaming time like this way: grinded for essences for a day, ran the event map in the next day. And so on...

    Thanks for reading this, and taking your time for the responses. I hope it will be a useful and informative thread for all of us. Have a nice day, cheers!

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    Out of those 900 boogy kills I opened 600 bags. No aa. I know people that has opened 1000s though.. No aa for them. I do realize its all chance.. Someone can get it out of 5 but the next person doesn't even get one in 5000. Which leads me to ask would it be too much if... There was a index of some sort to show the rates of each item in that specific crate/chest? Is sts afraid that if they show the rates for each item in a crate, that would discourage people from actually opening them? Or is it just.. To much to ask considering there's 100s of types of chest/crates to open?

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    First i love halloween so it was a epic event

    Second. I did not like the Dr arc set so i just aimed to get it to sell it,

    Third. Runing with randoms was weird , i haed the honor to run with top lb players it was amazing they killed para in 2 seconds. But i also got some bad randoms people using bad sets or using lucky or hisha,

    Fourth. The bosses were very hard i lost 50 ankhs in this event , un like ursoth i never died once.

    Firth. I sold all my boogie bags because my luck in chests is the worst.

    But overal i loved it,

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    Want my honest answer?

    Event was not too bad and reached platinum in first day.

    Then ran Maus for the next 13 odd days and made like 13-15m casually with my 600+ gold loot set

    Is event worth running? Unless the gold drops are nerfed in Maus and ESG or leaderboard rewards are tradable like Ice Spirit n Frank etc, the answer will always sadly be a big NO for me on 90% of these events

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    2 weeks is way too long

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