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Thread: Return of first elder gems needed

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    Default Return of first elder gems needed

    At the middle of the year to be precise we the players of dl received a new update which was the level 51 cap along with the level 51 versions of the elder blood tear,black vampire heart ,black moon bracelet and amulet respectively along with the petrified fang and lest I forget the new angel weapons ..all of us have had fun using these equipments in PvP especially but now I think it's actually time for the elders which were introduced during the previous level cap to return here in level 51 and to be specific I mean the very first elder gems that were introduced to dl ....My reason for making this request ? First and foremost while a new set of elder gems were brought after the first ones there was no elder moon gem included among the withering realm gems which brought about a huge imbalance both in PvP and in pve for level 46 and that issue was never addressed till this day , secondly as much as many dl players might want to oppose these gems returning bear in mind that most of the players who have these gems do not have the tradeable versions as all but a few bought character bound versions of the gems and those with the tradeable versions either do not want to sell or demand ridiculously high prices for these gems like the case of some players who paid over a billion in vanities for just elder moon stone of grind and close to a billion in vanities for elder beast stone of drive as well which is nothing short of insane and that's the reason why I'm suggesting that those gems be brought back as level 51 versions with better stats and this time they should come as drops in maybe another crazy event like the withering realm event last year which everyone enjoyed to the fullest ..if you read this to the end thank you and I'd like to know your opinions on this topic ..cinco sir I hope you also see this and hopefully do this for us too

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