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Thread: Ideas for Christmas event

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    Default Ideas for Christmas event

    I had a couple ideas I'd like to express and you guys tell me what u think.....
    Snowflake a large snowflake that explodes into smaller ones.
    Another suggested by my friend Axinsilla(hope I spelled her name right if not sorry hun)
    Snowball pet....(maybe she can give some insight on effects and all)
    Lastgoodbyes suggested to me he would like to see a Black cold set...which I think would be awesome!!!
    Ice wings....another of my ideas would be neat to have maybe on like the blue lacy dress
    White lacy dress....we have gold blue red black why not white???
    The biggie I want to see is a wolf pet....we have ghosts bats wisps skulls lightning stars etc why not a wolf??
    Also would like see dynamo in different colors say blue or red

    So give me some feed back and please feel free if u got any ideas drop them here😊

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    The ideas are nice ,the black cold set has been highly requested for some time and it's probably about time we got that cause I'm sure the community wouldn't mind another reskin as long as it's a badass one but as for the dynamo recolours .. we'll have to see about that but it's all on cinco and the rest of the Devs ..that said though nice ideas

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    I've noticed quite a few players standing across the street from the sanctuary staring at the trees. So I've made up a story as to why. They are looking for the elusive night bird, if found will give them 50% luck for 48 hours.
    Just a story to pass the time, but I was thinking today that it would be cool if the developers could incorporate that into one of the events. If found bird would drop gem that has 50% luck and fly away.
    Thanks for reading this and for an awesome game.

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    I think thay don't do it

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