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Thread: Customer Based Suggestions

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    Default Customer Based Suggestions

    I love to open platnium based crates but I found out the crate tokens we get from openning these platnium based crates only has only one vendor which is in Garetta Village named the NaxBot Npc.

    This is the only vendor for Crate Tokens, I was curious if the Vendor can get updated for us Platnium purchasers?

    It would be awesome if the Vendor can get updated!

    The arcane eggs are fine but just a bit curious why Lv30 Amulets, Lv43 Slaterocks and Lv46 Equiment along with Stanlee and Haxonite Eggs at this point in time!

    It would be amazing if this gets updated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexame View Post
    Garetta Village named the NaxBot Npc.

    This is the only vendor for Crate Tokens
    theres also in glintstone Npc Zambot, but same crap

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