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Thread: Leveling pets

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    Default Leveling pets

    Now in stable there are 334 pets aviable.
    Also all pets can be leveled from 1 to 76
    And u need same xp of your character to level them up but u can't get the massive bonus xp from completing quest.
    And worst thing is that u have to do this process for every pet.
    This thing reach absurd proportion now, PET xp should be lowered by 10-15 times. And maybe add some kind of aps for leveling your stable pets to encourage people to do this.
    The current situation is 3 or 4 pets of 200 leveled, the rest just at lv 1.
    And that's a pity.
    Someone can tell '' with Plat u can lv up each pet at cap '' and I will reply '' there are 334 pets now how realistic is that tipe of process.
    I hope for no drama, suggestion below.

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    They should introduce an item, such as amulet, ring, artifact or elixir, or an event for double-third pet xp gain

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    An event that drops pet leveling tickets would be a great addition at this point! Perhaps the tickets could be epic thru arcane and used only on that rank of pet. If only this was in the suggestion section....

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