Now that we made elite armors somewhat more viable i think it's only right we aim to fix the elite 1 hands that are left extremely weak and unusable. The stats i believe the elites should have will be the following

Zoinks Laser Talon:168-188 Damage and 10 Hit% added on to the stats currently there.

WHOMP Pysborg Sword: 182-202 Damage 10 HP Regen or 20 Health added on to the stats currently there.

KABAM Laser Wand: 170-190 Damage 10 Mana Regen 30 Mana Pool added to the stats currently there.

As for shields im still currenrly trying to decide whether or not there should be multiple shields with their own unique stats or if there should just be a single one. So far I've came up with a dex wing.

ZOINKS Pysbor Wing: 95 Base Dex Requirement 30 Dex 5 Hit% 10 Crit 50 Damage 50 Armor

I'll try and finish the rest later. Tell me what you think guys and @Cinco