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Thread: How to spot fake c/os?

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    Default How to spot fake c/os?

    Hello, Iím starting this thread to ask if anyone knows how to spot fake c/os that people have placed on their items? The easiest way, of course, would be to know the market very well, but for someone like me (who only mainly does events), what would be the next best way to do so? What Iíve been doing is looking up the previous prices on the Traderís Market, but all the threads are full of , i.e :
    Seller : Sell item leave pm/offers
    Buyer : Whatís your co?
    Seller : Give offer bro
    Then the thread ends
    So, how does one spot a fake c/o if one doesnít quite know the market well?

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    Look around at many different threads. Generally this will give you a better idea of the prices compared to looking at just one or two. Also, ask knowledgeable friends and guild members who are aware of the market. Unless the item is rather obscure you should be able to find some offers for it on the forum.

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    ask the price the seller wants and C/oo and compare it to the actual price

    then say what price you would pay (according to the actual price)

    If the seller notices that you are interested, they will request an offer below "False C/o"

    After a long talk, he will already be desperate to sell for the real price.

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    Follow what Asafaonavax said and here is a recent fake offer thread I came across for you to refer to. Steer clear from any offers which seem too good to be true. And keep checking the auction for items, it will not give the best idea maybe but still gives an idea of the approx value of an item.
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