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Thread: Winter suggestions

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    Default Winter suggestions

    1. How about a Harg kyth boss reskinned as maybe krampus u know winter attacks crazy antlers make him look wild lmao like a furry harg

    2. Winter vanity ideas Black cold set white fur of course cost would be maybe around 900-1.2k plat depending Frozen ice queen dress for the ladies

    3. More characterization like beards.. tattoos.. piercings or something cool something that makes you different than most people plat or gold depend on what kind of hair/piercings like white metallic

    4. New Skills Can't lable alot but ill start off with a strong one a beckoning type skill similar to an axe throw in AL similarity would be a silver stake with a sharp edge toss at the opponent and pull them in close for a nice punish tapping would just pull charged version would pull 2-3 second stun and - 5second bleed effect each level would increase its damage more blood cost longer status effects for example stun would be 3seconds next lvl would be 3.5 seconds keep it fair

    5. Most importantly remove weapon combo from pvp nerfing lucky shots only effects that can stay is brim combo or weapon effect can't stress this enough pvp community is getting lower and lower so lets try experimenting how it should work out

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    Really good ideas fav of mine would be the tattoo feature u mentioned. I have a couple of tattoos irl so that idea peaked my interest. Also winter boss krampus would be lit would really like to see this if not for this Xmas event definitely for next one. I like these ideas!!

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    Damn, I really can't afford over 600 plat, I hope we get a cool x2 speed set thats not more than 600 plat. Fingers crossed
    You got some good ideas though.

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