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Thread: Australia Fire Fundraiser

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    Default Australia Fire Fundraiser

    As we all know, Much of Australia is experiencing terrible fires across the continent wiping out thousands of houses and millions of animals. I know spacetime has done a fundraiser before for breast cancer awareness where 100% of the proceeds went to helping research. And I think this is a worthy cause. Be it a koala curled up on top your head as a vanity or an emu pet. I'm sure more great ideas will be thought of. Thanks for reading.

    Link if you want to donate outright-

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    I agree 100%
    You should've gone for the head...

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    Save the animals here!

    If you don't want to donate outright, consider buying these new items in the plat store: Boomerang Talon Vanity Weapon, Didgeridoo Staff Vanity Weapon, Cork Hat Vanity Helmet, and Kangaroo Pouch Vanity Armor!

    I like being able to go to sleep without worrying that more than half my country is on fire, and that it hasn't rained in months!

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    +1 would love this

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