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Thread: Hardcore player pets

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    Default Hardcore player pets

    Hello everyone can anyone help me out by telling me the places I can farm pet eggs sense for my hardcore character I don't want to spend 250 plat on a mythic pet so far I am just saving my story tokens up and dont know of a way to get good pets in hardcore without plat a little off topic but I honesty feel sometimes like the price of Pets to buy in the stable are over powered is it just me or does everyone feel like this STS needs to lower their cost of Pets for plat or at least lower it for hardcore players Like come on 90 Plat for Madison or snaagletooth like Haze I'd buy for 90 plat but the others ewww I think all. The current pets that are legendary which you can buy for plat should be like 25 plat or 50 and for mythic make them 150 or 100 plz sts

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    I got my best pets in eggzavier event and some decent ones in other events. I think thats the best way to get them for free, Id not buy them for plat either.

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    Wait for the killjoy event.. last year it gave timur pet, this year it might have a nice pet to.

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