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Thread: quest question !!!!!!!!???????

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    Default quest question !!!!!!!!???????

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    Hi Everyone I was a dark master in somber and just tried to switch side to light after like Idk +1 year
    and faced with this quest ...
    and I cant just buy banish set like the belt in the shop also bought chest and opened got one banish belt too but still didn't work and why should sts put this rare drop in main side quest ??
    if anyone knows some way to throw this quest pls let me know tnx )
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    This is a quest from banished set questline, it's not related to somber in anyway. The 1st piece is the banished power ring and drops from elite hugal, but very rare. It can also be completed by buying or borrowing the ring from others, but people possessing the ring are rare too. The belt is the fourth piece. You can refer to this guide for more details:
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