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Thread: L100 Weapon Crafting Question

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    Question L100 Weapon Crafting Question

    Been looking at the "lower tier" crafted asylum weapon menu and they all seem to require 2 varieties of a dropped item, for example the Low Co Ok'Tal AR-47 requires 2 of the daffy variety and 2 of the cray variety(which I can't seem to find anywhere).
    Where do the second variety of these items drop? I have farmed the Asylum Earth maps well over 100x and I have only seen 1 variety of these weapons whereas for the armor their seems to be 3 varieties and 4 of the shields that drop for each class/attribute.

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    Unsure if the Cray weapons drop in Asylum maps 1 or 2 but they definitely drop in the Spacetime Studios map which you can unlock by completing the quests.

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