One day a few years ago..

I was traveling my warrior ..randomly thru Elite Brackenridge Forest.. Smashing goblins along the way...then it happened...

Poof.. I looted.. A mythic bubble frog...
I named him Bob...

I figured he needed a home.. So i got him a house.. He was happy there temporarily.. Then he became sad..

At that time I too was sad.. Many of my old freinds started slipping away from Arlor..

So in commemoration of those.. I started collecting bubble frogs named Bob..

20 frogs randomly placed in my tiny home..I made a choice to expand the place ... And saved for a Tavern..

From 20 frogs I gave more homes.. To 167 frogs..where I sat comfortably.. Still gaining more many freinds and guildies started to donate them.. I name Eurtnyaloy did not I renamed Topfrog..

Then i got really obsessed ...Gaining all the locations..getting my furnishing slots maxed..i finally was able to make my kingdom..

Now finally... Disco Ball..Party lights...a stadium and 7 locations.. My frogs are free to....well do what they do.. Bringing joy to those who visit.. And some disgust too..haha..had afew people bail.. But i still keep the frogs .. 270 of them

We wait maybe for a expansion so I can gain more frogs...500? ...1000? Haha.. Well if anyone wants to visit or make a video freind me IGN Topfrog and ill give you a tour..

My goal is simple... To bring joy and smiles to all who call Arlor a home away from home.. Live Laugh Love as my frogs say... And ribbit ribbit

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