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    Default is this fair?

    So a few days ago, i PMed one of the developers in arcane legend using tapatalk about my account getting banned for doing nothing. These are the responds that i got. Read it and give me your oppinion. Do you think they are fair?
    This is my last email before i got banned in tapatalk =
    My ign is "(censored)". Check my online history. I play honestly. Are you unbanning these person because they are top players? Those top players are doing plat offer and still get reinstate by you. Based on what? Those players are bad players and youre giving them a chance. You warned many people who do plat offer.

    I am a victim, i get hacked by some random person and you dont help me but ban me. I dont even get a chance to screenshot my history. How do i even screenshot my history now. If you want to check it yourself just check it. Im unhappy about this.

    Sts have no rules is it? I dont know based on what you unbanned them and based on what you ban me?

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