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Thread: Idea for event energies

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    Default Idea for event energies

    Just me brainstorming:

    Instead of the Forged Energies that we farm and craft during events getting deleted during the cooldown, I believe that these could instead be able to be recrafted into a keepable form of energies.

    So basically:

    It takes 3 Energy Essences to Craft a "Forged Energy"
    And maybe 3 "Forged Energies" to craft a "Keepable Energy"

    They can be bound to an account or untradeable.

    Doesnt mess up the consignment store prices or anything

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    hmmmmm, no

    wrong forum btw

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    What it will mess up is energy sales during events, which in part is a reason the game carries on. It would also mess up the "consignment prices" for a while too..They already brought 20 more crafting slots and good essence drops/craft time. so i think expiring energy after events is a fair tradeoff.

    Figured i would be the bearer of bad news, they changed this long ago and cant see sts partially reverting it as you suggested.All you can do is try to enjoy each event!
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    Honestly this would be good for me, but unfortunately STS will never change it, they need to make their $$ and I understand.

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    i know this is gonna sound like a old timer saying "kids these days dont know about ......." buuuut

    energy kits use to carry over from event to event ..and people would spend the last week of a event farming there butt off and stacking energy . then you would get to the next event and leader board runners (who had there 5 characters doing this) would have 50 billion energy on the first day of the next event and ...well you can see where im going with this and why sts no longer does this

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