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Thread: Balancing certain skills for PVP

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    Default Balancing certain skills for PVP

    Just a quick suggestion to think about but.. maybe buff ghost strike? since its never really been used or ever touched in the past or future at all it has its uses for honor.. but barely.. it would make a greater return for pvp events Maybe buff ghost strikes movement speed?.. maybe like redsun or less than that and balance how oftrn it will hit in higher levels of pvp and the hit stub is once every 10 shots.. while leap has it every time or so.. soo mind if you could take a look at this?

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    I would suggest that ghost strike gets a stun rate or a dps rate in my opinion due to the nature of how it is very little effective in pvp. This can be looked at in my opinion and I believe a dps rate on ghost strike is more idea like the blades.

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