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Thread: Unfair Spawns in DM maps

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    Default Unfair Spawns in DM maps

    Muzzling has brought this to attention weeks ago, but it hasn't been fixed.

    Currently, you sometimes spawn directly on top of an enemy, which results in one of two scenarios:
    1) You have the buff advantage and kill the freshly spawned enemy.
    2) You win the first fight with a sliver of HP and get killed by the spawn in one or two skills.

    I think everyone agrees, that spawn killing is undesirable and not a display of skillful PvP.

    Spawning on an enemy happens almost once every game. If you get unlucky/lucky up to 3-4 times.
    I'm surprised that a deathmatch type tournament took place with these wonky spawns.
    These random spawns can be the deciding factor of a team winning or losing. Which is unfair.

    The previous spawn mechanism was perfectly fine and should be reinstated. Preferably before the next DM tournament.

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    please fix the spawns on PvP maps!

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