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Thread: Game Improvements and Suggestions.

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    Default Game Improvements and Suggestions.

    I have an amazing amount of respect for those who suggest game additions and improvements on the forums. Even if this thread isn't perceived in the best way possible. Personally, I would like to see some things added to the loot table that we see from day to day. Stuff like new uses for arcane fossils, new ways to loot older items that still have value (Vials), a new and more up to date arena that some what resembles the planar arena that we all remember. These things might seem small, but if the players run into it daily, and there are many reasons to run it, it makes that much of a difference to the player base causing it to flourish. Content wise I would absolutley LOVE to see more cutscenes and cinematics when entering a map, more story, and more reasons for new players to play the game and keep on with the grind. I know it all seems demanding at times, but I see things like these as goals, some long term, and some short term. Maybe we can help the developers in a productive and not so toxic way with our suggestions. Good or bad I would love to hear them regardless.

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    Ty for Ur ideas!

    +1 for everything u mentioned

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    +1 good idea

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