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    Default Maxx Cave Tickets + More

    I think it might be a neat idea to allow Maxx Cave tickets (and access to other plat maps) to be tradable just like Hyper Thrax tickets as well as event tickets. I know people who would he interested in both buying the tickets with gold as well as those interested in selling them to make a little extra profit in gold just as people do with Thrax tickets.

    I could see other tickets becoming trade-friendly as well, such as Hyper Cave for those who want to farm the vanity weapons such as Dadao, Flaming Staff, Blackstone Bow, etc. but do not possess the platinum to purchase the tickets themselves.

    Perhaps this could be a cool idea for an update in the future.

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    Indeed. This is on my list of things to do (circa St. Paddy's event).
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    Do Maxx Cave drop XP orbs for Level 105+?

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