Cinco can you slightly increase or add hit percentage towards the L.30 Honor Arena sets. I feel like a L.30-45 character that uses honor gear should not be below 90 in terms of overall hit percentage, with face. At L.30 a dex bird should not have below 96 hit, a mage at L.30 Pure int should be around 92-94 and a bear shouldn't be below 90 if str. I'm not including rhinos or foxes because 1, foxes can buff up for 60 hit, and rhinos can buff up their hit while remaining tanky while birds are easily prone to be double hsed.

A increase in the mages Mana pool is also imho required. At L.30, a pure int mage only has 8 mana regen when wearing honor set. The Mage Honor Amulet should at least give 8 M/s or 10 instead of 5. Rhinos honor gear amulet can also be beefed up to 10 once you take in consideration that they require much more mana consumption per skill than any other class. Ontop of that their damage is relatively weak thanks to the nerf and the 1.8 attack speed on their axe is not helping.

Bears require a need of H/s, which i find lacking in honor arena globally. I'd have it share the same stats as iceberg, so around 10-15 total H/s. Birds could be given 8 which will allow them to continue fighting in FFAs.

Since hit percentage is getting buffed it'll mean that bears and birds might not have a equal standing any longer. In terms of damage birds will require a little more than what they have right now. At L.30 they only have a lousy 69 damage honor talon. Increasing the damage is optional and so is better crit. If i were to pick one I'd ask for at least a 12% damage buff towards their honor talon.