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    Exclamation Accidental blood pack purchase

    I recently accidentally bought blood packs using platinum again. This has been a repeated issue for me. Each time I have purchased blood packs with platinum, it was unintentional. The buttons need to befixed so that while trying to move south on the screen in a hurry, you're not purchasing blood packs. One way might be to add another confirmation box with the yes box in a different location.

    I have utilized my allies that give free blood packs and have no need to purchase blood packs with platinum. I prefer to save it for awakening gems and weapons, adding auction slots, increasing my inventory capacity, and for the purchase of vanity.

    Thank you for your assistance with this issue.

    Novangeline aka Gryffinorren aka Annamandra aka Troilus aka Prosurpina aka Shamandar

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    Plz remove this cinco

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    You somehow always say 'Yes' to the confirmation of purchase?

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