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Thread: More Support/Store options

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    Default More Support/Store options

    Hey STS,

    Would you consider adding a few more options in the plat store to buy things.

    $0.99cent for 5plat to start. I always have that on my debit card at least lol, wouldn't mind using it every now and again.

    Options for pure cash without using plat.

    $0.99 cent items

    $1.99 items

    $4.99 items etc..

    Like paying pure money for something without buying plat you know?

    Different packages like

    2 luck elixir
    2 damage elixir
    2 xp elixer
    2 speed elixir

    Would cost like 2 bucks.

    This list can go on and on for packages and what them certain packages might contain. but plat, which of course you can purchase with cash, or buy it straight with a cash price?

    Good idea? What yall think?

    This idea can go a long way.

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    +1 and add payment options. Like load or online payments.

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