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Thread: Planar Arena Leaderboard

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    Default Planar Arena Leaderboard

    I am bored and I am wanting to do planar arena LB. I have a very good strategy for arena this time.

    I am in need of a rogue who can instantly kill all bosses as soon as fight leaves the screen. Ping MUST be 80 and below, I will door the portals as I have 20-50 ping. I just need 1 rogue, leave your igns below if you think you qualify and would like to join. Or pm me in game/ house mail/ forums.

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    You can try ign Demon if you want someone experienced with one shotting the boss as soon as it spawns, lotta people still need practice. Early season, he's bored enough to sit around chatting, get him off his keister for me

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    If you ever need a gate person, ign Overbear
    Add me bro, I can get barely 1 second starts and have under 50 ping. I practice like every day.

    edit: I don't think I can one shot tho

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