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    Default A Speech about the game's current state

    i'm starting to question myself why i even came back to this game, The game is filled with glitches man, Emails/Suggestions they choose to not like, close the thread Or just act as it was never there/Pms etc..
    Glitches as:
    -Pvp Stutters On my screen it shows im way Back but suddenly im At there territory then get killed in a millisec.
    -Reports never ever do anything i think its just a button so people dont spam you with pms and emails.
    -Plat offers spam glitch that you reject to fix it like Good Developpers that dont want their game dead instead you just Ban everyone that does it.. wow.
    You guys keep saying just send emails we'll take care of it but subconsciously deep down you guys know you dont care at all.
    Where is gold event?? all prices are dropping everyone is getting broke We used to make 20m+ per gates now its 2m Max.
    This is a cry for help you have 2 choices:
    -You just ban my thread
    -You Wake Up and stop killing your game with your own hands

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    Report bugs along with all details to the bugs and tech forum if you want them to be looked at.

    The rules for plat offers are rather simple: You may only do them on one account, once each, and only ones intended for the actual area you are in. If you don't want to be banned for it, have a little self control and follow the rules.

    Scammers - welcome to the internet. There's a secure trade system, use it and pay attention, and you can't get scammed. Support does deal with habitual scammers, but really, they shouldn't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saderrania View Post
    Where is gold event?? all prices are dropping everyone is getting broke We used to make 20m+ per gates now its 2m Max.
    Um, if everyone is "getting broke" AND "prices are dropping" then we're looking at an economy that's balancing itself out.
    If the gold everyone has goes down and the prices go down then it's the same as before. It's when prices start to skyrocket that we need to worry about gold going down. Which it also isn't, there is more than one way of earning gold, gates shouldn't have happened as it did, it made people dependent.

    "Plat offer spam glitch" is an exploit. Read the TOS and you'll see abusing an exploit is bannable. Maybe we should have a screen when you first join that forces you to read the TOS, cause y'all aren't getting the memo.

    Your stutters in PvP are your own crappy internet, I've never experiences that.

    Now, you have 2 choices
    -You just get angry with my replies
    -You wake up and enjoy the game, it's easy, just relax

    "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

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