Magma and Glintstone aegis if warrior..i don't know the other sets for other classes..and speed set and weak gear..if lvl 76.. i do maus solo..first map..before either open elixer i run threw if i find 3-4 necromancers i pull mob til they spawn flowers..then open elixers with quick tab .. and then hit magma and attack with whirlwind.. the mobs don't die fast..and when they get low I just run away and let them reset and come back..i usually can if lucky with that many necromancers. Get many jewels many many.. but if map you run thru doesn't have many clusters of necromancers just leave map to town ..type /partyleave jump to another maus map play there about 3-4 minutes to reset the solo map..then go solo remap to town then to maus and repeat.. or another place I do ok at is elite rockhorn tindirin map.. i put timer on and just go to first room pull mobs...then magma whirlwinf..kill all then remap it and repeat it pays more jewels this way and doesn't waste much time on elixer. Good luck farming.. oh BTW use low lvl gear if u do tindirin with high gear or just go no armor or helm just speed set ..speed set is a must it helps immensely with jewel production..

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