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Thread: Idea to improve the game

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    Default Idea to improve the game

    My idea to improve the game would be by a voting system for leader of operator breed, for leader of command and another for enginer, the winners of each breed would win an Aurá that would give a much superior strength but not unbeatable! And what would it be like to enter the vote? There will be an npc for any character from level 55 who can register during the week until Friday, whoever has the most pvp points made during the week will enter the vote. Example: I made 1000 points during the week in pvps, so I'll go to NPC, and I register, when it arrives on Friday, the voting starts and only enters the vote, the first five placed with more pvps points. Well we would have saturday and Sunday to vote on who will be the new leader of each breed for a week and with Aurá. This will certainly cause players to put more plat to be stronger "Buying items that increase DMG" to make more points in pvp and be able to go to the vote. Imagine you are the leader of your breed, it would be very cool, no doubt!
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    Nice idea! +1

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    i would support it is its only a visual so you can see whos a boss at pvp but botters and kill farming would need adressing if it was added and no bonus buff or at most only a buff for pve content

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