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Thread: 5x Elixir flasks

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    Default 5x Elixir flasks

    Hi all,

    I donít know if anyone else is facing the same issue with their 5x flasks. However, when I use one, for example, a 5x damage flask it only lasts for a mere 5mins? Quite the meme haha even though it states that it would last for 30mins.

    Take note that I only have daily with auto loot and auto gold loot on. So maybe itís a bug that needs to be fixed considering itís a mythic flask haha

    As always, keep up the great work STS :-)
    PL: Aerrowxx, iTanke, iNude

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    The 5x speed elixir lasts for 5 minutes. The 5x dmg elixir lasts for 30 minutes. I agree that the 5x speed elixir should be longer, considering solo runs can last beyond even 30 minutes and dmg elixirs can run out before you finish a run too.

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