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    Default Guild bank

    Can we please have guide bank not flash when taking our item or putting them in. Taking out a few items cool but when Iím removing 250 items and moving them around to other char to make space I Always have to scroll down to the very bottom of guild bank and click swap items while looking away other wise itíll make me like sea sick. Maybe double items can be stack (like mats we use to craft stuff) or something. Also why canít we store more items for plats. With all the new items being added we need more slots and a quick option to be able to find what weíre looking for ( especially if we see someone buying something that we want to get rid of anyway). I have a lot of char I bought for guild bank and itís kinda ignoring trying to find a items on a alt. I rather just pay the plats directly for the space then make another toon cause itís taking me way to long to find items when I need them asap

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    Just here to get some threads up

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