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Thread: L35 Meta

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    Default L35 Meta

    Hey there, coming back to the game.

    Anyone knows what the actual L35 Mage Meta is? i heard something with blaster

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome back. As you may know, the meta has changed drastically from what it use to be. If you wish to return to 35, no matter if the meta is bad, I'll help you with knowing what gear is needed. You will need these following items.

    L.35 Halloween Bone Helm (STR is preferable for it's dodge and crit)
    L.25 ZOINKS Blaster
    L.25 WHAM Cyber Armor (You could also use Zam and Blam but they have fewer stats in HP compared to Wham)
    L.30 Halloween Bling (Must be enchanted with 95 or more DMG)
    L.30 Mamboza Amulet (Must be enchanted with 95 or more Armor) - (Swamp Rat is a good replacement but you'll lack mana and skill damage)

    I would suggest you be L.40 instead because the current meta is unforgiving. L.40s will have a much bigger advantage over you since they can max out the more important skills while you'll have to make sacrifices.

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    Where can I attain the wham cyber armor?

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