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    Quote Originally Posted by dexish View Post
    Im sorry if im being rude but i need to say this...this is how special i feel

    I hope you understand what im trying to say...thank you
    This proves what a lot of people are already trying to say... “Heart-Breaker” stands out from “The Cure” like a sore thumb. Color makes no difference. This arguments over i guess??

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    Quote Originally Posted by InvalidUserName View Post
    Please with all due respect you are sounding like a broken machine here. I have spoken to many many in game too and guess what? More are happier with the gold title than are unhappy. Ur logic is flawed

    Unsupported criticism you say?

    I do not support your idea and will rightly criticise it. If you dont like it i suggest you do not create forum threads and head over to twitter yourself.
    Ofcourse more are happy with a golden title, because the people YOU asked didnt have to work 2 sweat tearing weeks for it.
    I asked people who did, which in my eyes renders that entire point of yours useless, considering i already adressed twice before its obvious the majority of players would like a golden title when they dont have to work their guts off.
    I support people criticizing me, but when you come at someone with bare bone points and statements and come over more salty than actually trying to convince others, you should think twice about what you’re saying.

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    I want to say thanks to everyone who expressed their opinion here.

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