I've been PvP-ing using a Commando for the past 2 months, and I seem to have 60% win rate against other Commandoes, and 90-100% win rate against Operative and Engineer.
Now I tried using my Operative to pvp just to try out the Ptac pistols, I've got 1.7k DPS (almost highest possible in the game), a good build, and kiting skills and so on. Problem is: Commandoes can't be beaten. Whatever their mod, if they use Super Elite set and OPR napalm, you basically have 10% chances of winning. The dodge is just too much to handle.
Situation: I start off with a good kite (long range shooting, because napalms can't shoot far away). I lash Enemy so he cant move, i shoot, use all skills (most hits were dodged), then when he unfreezes from the lash i lash again, Enemy is still stunned, can't hit me, second time I use all the skills, he unfreezes, I try hitting another stun, he dodges, and in 2 seconds, I go from 100% to 0. The napalm destroys me.
I suggest reducing dodge, it's just unbearable, even with mods this high. Or whatever you can do to balance it out.