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Thread: Drop rates 1.1

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    Arrow Drop rates 1.1


    It's been a very amusing time farming with guildies, it felt super cool and nostalgic running these old maps, and we're waiting to dominate whatever's coming to SL! ;-)
    I'll give u better statistics if you pm me, but: from ~5000 dropped items in UCS Savant, Voleria and UC Shipyard, and other maps, that are supposed to be good for farming (Delta 7, Numa Prime, Slouch-O), none have been vanity items, which is discouraging.

    Should we make a poll and vote for increased vanity drop rates?
    Should we write personal e-mails to developers?
    Should we get higher credit loot instead of higher vanity drop rate?
    I once again intend to suggest (but get a reply, so I post it here) an increase in vanity drop rates, or at least we get the loot tables so we know what we're farming for?
    Thanks. I appreciate your time, I hope You appreciate mine.

    Yes, I've posted it in Suggestions already, I don't spend my time on these posts to get no reply.
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    Totally agree to this and +1 . I myself been trying since 2months in slouch , ucs shipyard , voleria and so on just to drop squisher , mark , scorn and dev skull but not even a normal jcn or red glasses are being dropped. We might need not much but slight increase in vanity drop rates.
    It will be highly appreciated and we will thankful if that happens

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    Sup its retro you right we should have better drop rates but they shouldnt make it to easy maybe like 3 to 5% better because if they make it to easy then it would ruin the game really bad because all the items wouldnt be rare

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