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Thread: How to make PVP alive

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    Default How to make PVP alive

    I’ve been thinking about PVP, and how to make pvp alive ofc they need split special PVP LB, and need a special way to make it fair (no more ppl with fake farm pvp)

    1) Make split LB :
    a) PVP LB
    b) PVE LB, (remove PvP APS from there)
    2) PVP “Top player” LB will be reset per season (and reset counted PvP kills every 1-3 months) and should have a special BADGE for it
    3) PVE “TOP PLAYER” LB is same like now just without those PvP aps
    4) to avoid those fake PvP player, who farm kills, this pvp kills count will need :
    a) counts reset every 3 months
    b) clash need at least 2 vs 2 in map (cos if 1vs1 those fake farmer can do fake PvP kills
    c) to avoid some guild swho like to gang, can u make only when 2 sided with same number then the last person enter can move, example : 4 ppl enter map 2 red and 2 blue, so they can play 2vs 2, if one other person enter and choose red (he can’t play or freeze till the next persons enter and choose blue, if one more person enter and choose red again then those 2 last persons enter still can’t move. (That’s my idea, cos I know and see videos many ppl try to gang others)

    Hope u will really consider my idea, and this is much better too for those ppl who play this game not for clash in PvP but more for peace like me no need to go to pvp at all

    Hope u will make my idea come true.

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    Everything have already been suggested in the past.

    Aka Ares/Twerrk/Mystery. :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tatachaan View Post
    3) PVE “TOP PLAYER” LB is same like now just without those PvP aps
    how will THIS make pvp alive?

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