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Thread: Barrels, flies and other smashable stuffs

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    Default Barrels, flies and other smashable stuffs

    Hi, i know this has been adressed before and i think this needs some extra attention.
    While in event fighting boss, or in infested fighting boss i noticed that barrels and flies are like priority to the aim system.
    When i wanna attack the boss while standing infront, inside him, my skills intend to attack everything around boss before actually hitting the boss. Have had similair problems with mage aswell (fireball). You walk to a group of mobs to blast em away, but the fireball goes in a way different direction to explode some barrels...The focus should be on mobs and bosses, but as it is now, its like the focus goes to barrels and stuff first.

    hope you understand a bit what i mean.

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    I thought so too as well but I think ping has a lot to do with that ...was on rogue and now itís Iím using mage.

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    There are nuances in gameplay that fix this most of the time. You can almost always take that extra half sec or sec to make sure the target u want to attack is the target you are locked onto..and hit it. As Joseph said, ping will affect this aswell. The first explanation: try to make sure u updating your target to the boss? Not just standing in one spot spamming. The second is surely due to lag, and u thinking your char is somewhere where it isnt.

    Ive experienced this, and there are workarounds.
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    Slow down its something called lag that takes time to refocus the aim

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