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Thread: Some Adjustments.

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    Default Some Adjustments.

    Hi there . Can the Force start button be available to host in making public runs without password? Due to less people available to join it would be nice to have it .

    Also is the new pet circular movement on our avatar intensionally faster than other pets ? The pet rotates too fast.

    Also for the operatives and engineer classes , they are completely neglected .Can there be some changes to bigger mobs so that they dont die in one shot ? At the moment the lb runners are directly removing ops and engs from team and the spots are flooded with only coms . Seems like a com based event atm.

    And might be good to bring tradeable version of pet for platinum . I am quite sure there will be people to invest alot of platinum on them.

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    I'd like to second this, about the force start option, maybe make it so that if all the players are standing in the circle, we can start? As for the event's difficulty spike, I feel like it's too heavily unbalanced to Operatives and Engineers, because not many can survive the enemy encounters especially from the big charging mobs & the Scorn Devastators because some aren't fully equipped to handle it, while others can't afford it even at level 61, most of the Operatives & Engineers struggle through for the pet though, it would be a good idea to have a tradable version for plat (for after the event ends)

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